Prank Ideas

Take a look at some of our favourite prank ideas.

The paint job on this van wins the troll award!

This back of this van has been painted to make those unfortunate enough to be behind it, think it’s heading the wrong way!

Fake Dead Body Prank Ideas

Some great uses of bin liners / black bags and rubbish. Create fake dead bodies, and leave them in suspicious places!  

Draw a spider or bug on the toilet roll

Draw a spider or bug on the toilet roll, and then play the waiting game…. Especially effective when you know a female is next up to use the toilet.

Bug Silhouette on lamp

I’d panic if I saw this on my lamp late at night!

Cable tie loo roll so it can’t be used

Love this idea – However, it’d be even better if you used a white cable tie – the victim wouldn’t immediately see it!

Hotel bed sheet prank

Make the cleaners think there’s a dead body in the hotel bed…

Change mens toilet into ladies toilet

With just a piece of black paper or card, you can quickly transform the Mens’ toilets into the “ladies”

Airhorn Behind Door

Place an air horn strategically behind the door and wait for someone to enter in a hurry….

Elastic band covered phone

Cover your colleagues phone in rubber bands

Toffee Onions Anyone?

Yummy! Fake toffee apples using onions instead of apples! Great idea for April Fools!

Water Bottle Coin Prank – How To

Here’s the how-to Grab a bottle of water & a coin Place the coin on a table Put the bottle of water on top of the coin Tell the victim to look inside of the bottle and ask them if they see the coin (of course, they will see the coin) Then tell them that […]

Doughnuts filled with mayonnaise

Pipe some mayo into some (former)delicious donuts – great April Fools prank!

Fake poop from used toilet roll holder

How to make (and use) fake poop out of a used cardboard toilet roll holder!


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