Japanese Elevator Drop Prank

2 years ago2,7311 0

A Japanese prank show went way too far with this elevator prank. Although for us, it’s very funny to watch, the people involved do not find it entertatining at all! This video has been going viral allo ver the internet. It’s scary, but incredibly funny. The host of the show makes contestans walk in to […]

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Guy Tells His Wife That He Was Joking When He Proposed (20 Years Ago!)

4 years ago3,5231 0

This guy David is a husband, father and former pastor who has been married to Jennifer for 20 years – his high school sweetheart. They have two sons and what looks like an ordinary relationship. But David has been living a double life for many, many years. He’s been secretly cheating, hiding a porn addition […]

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1 Million Orbeez In His Girlfriends Car

4 years ago3,2061 0

This is Isaac. He has a prank channel on YouTube under the name IsaacLive , where he has about 1.5 million subscribers. His chanel is comprised of clips of himself pranking friends and strangers. Isaac is a pro at playing practical jokes. We like Isaac. In this video, which he mades as a retaliation for […]

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4 years ago2,8621 0

Left a bait-bike to be stolen next to a down-hill run. Only problem is, it didn’t have any brakes!

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Double Whammy Chair Replacement

4 years ago2,8742 0

Wasn’t expecting that! Double whammy!

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Angel of death – rips out peoples hearts in public!

4 years ago3,0982 0

‘Angel of Death’ rips out victims’ hearts in public.

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Public Execution – With a baseball bat!

4 years ago3,0902 0

Public executions freak out the public.

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The Jumper

4 years ago2,8771 0

Strange reactions to a fake suicide jumper.

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Murder in an Elevator

4 years ago3,0021 0

Reactions to a murder being committed in a lift.

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Body in the Car

4 years ago2,9431 0

Dead body in the boot of the car.

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