Guy Tells His Wife That He Was Joking When He Proposed (20 Years Ago!)

Published on January 15, 2017 by

This guy David is a husband, father and former pastor who has been married to Jennifer for 20 years – his high school sweetheart.

They have two sons and what looks like an ordinary relationship.
But David has been living a double life for many, many years.
He’s been secretly cheating, hiding a porn addition and generally being a naughty boy.
Although Jennifer is aware of the lies and betrayals, she is desperate to keep the marriage alive, and writes to Iyanla Vanzant, for advice on how to move forward as a married couple.

Watch the video from “Iyanla: Fix My Life,”
Iyanla he has the couple sit down together so David can tell Jennifer the truth about the proposal that began their complicated lives together.

When asked what he wants to tell his wife, David tells Iyanla and his Wife (after a period of awkward silence)

“I didn’t want to be married,” he says “At the time that I asked…”

David’s voice trembles a bit, and Iyanla prepares Jennifer for what’s to come. “Take a breath” she says. “Take a breath.””

David continues. “You know the manner in which I asked [you to marry me]? You’re taking it seriously. I didn’t mean it jokingly, but I was joking. I was lying,”

That’s right, you heard correctly.
He was JOKING when he proposed!

Perhaps the cruelest prank of all time?!


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